Heating of fitness centers
and sports clubs

Use a boiler with a FOCUS burner

Альтернативой газовых котлов и газовых горелок являются котельные с pellet burner. По сравнению с другими отопительными агрегатами только в этом случае сжигание топлива сопоставимо по КПД с промышленными котлами, работающими на газе, за счет технологии объемного горения. Котел с горелкой для пеллет в эксплуатации оказывается гораздо выгоднее, чем аналогичное оборудование с подачей газа. Дело в том, что горелка обеспечивает высокую мощность обогрева независимо от качества гранулированного топлива.

Котел с горелкой является альтернативой газовых и других типов котлов с высоким КПД. По комфорту такие устройства не уступают автономному оборудованию на дизельном топливе и позволяют отказаться от подачи газа к индивидуальному дому. Вместо дутьевых горелок мы предлагаем более эффективные факельные горелки, улучшающие КПД отопительных агрегатов. По степени комфорта отопительные котлы с горелками не уступают в эксплуатации газовым котлам.

When heating fitness centers and sports clubs, diesel fuel and boilers with diesel burners are used to ensure autonomy. However, the operating cost of such heating equipment is quite high, but it avoids the supply of gas. High efficiency when burning fuel can be obtained without burning gas using pellets, volumetric combustion technology and a special burner design. Heating units are ideal for floor standing boilers, which can be converted from any type of fuel and adapted to pellets.

Arrange heating for the fitness center or
sports club with a pellet burner:

Heating features of fitness centers and sports clubs

Heating of fitness centers and sports clubs differs in that it is necessary to provide heat to large areas. This is possible with high efficiency and optimum fuel consumption. Moreover, it is necessary to regulate the intensity of combustion depending on the attendance and use of the premises for classes. This is usually solved with the help of radiator or room thermostats and oxygen supply to increase the combustion power of the fuel.

However, in the premises of the old building with forced supply of heat carrier and heating with natural gas, comfortable conditions are not provided. The rooms are either very warm or rather cold. Such systems have a very simple design that can be adapted to a new heating system without burning natural gas.

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Features of heating gyms and fitness centers:

Advantages of using a boiler with a pellet burner:

The FOCUS pellet burner can be installed on a new or existing floor standing boiler of any type. Then it can be used with any type of fuel.

Boiler with pellet burner and its features

Thanks to the power range of the models offered by the FOCUS trademark, as well as the microprogrammed power control, it is possible to very accurately adjust the control of heating equipment when one or more heating circuits are connected. Such a heat source is ideal for systems with forced heating agent supply, ensuring optimal consumption of pellets and connecting the boiler to the burner at the right time while reducing the heating temperature.

FOCUS burners are not installed on wall-hung boilers and are designed for high power, from 17 kW. They can be used with modern models of hot water boilers for water treatment in swimming pools - burners up to 500 kW are produced. Pellet burners FOCUS are mounted on boilers operating on liquid fuel and gas. They are distinguished by the highest build quality. With their help, at the same power, a higher coolant temperature can be achieved. With low cost and quality of fuel.

In addition to the high efficiency, the efficiency is, of course, influenced by the design of the heat exchanger. By supporting long-term combustion with a constant supply of fuel from the fuel tank, the disadvantages of the heat exchangers of the installed boilers are smoothed out.


Advantages of boilers with pellet burners for gyms:

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