Autonomous pellet heating of a house with a greenhouse and solar thermal block

Every homeowner dreams of a profitable and inexpensive heating system that guarantees comfortable living conditions in all climates. As a rule, we are talking about two concepts for organizing heating: a hybrid heating system and intelligent control of its parameters. There are many approaches associated with passivation of houses, choosing the optimal heating option for each season. First of all, the system must have automatic pellet boilers for the winter months and a solar thermal system to maintain the temperature in spring and autumn. The greenhouse plays the role of a solar heat accumulator.

This option will be of interest to those people who are interested in adding a solar vegetarian and greenhouse to the house to create a year-round green space. Such an organization of the living space, surrounded by a closed glazed space, allows you to reduce energy costs and increases the level of comfort due to green spaces. Oxygen improves the microclimatic parameters of the house, and plants purify the air from impurities. In addition, warm air enters the ventilation system. All this ensures a reduction in energy consumption when heating a private house.

How to organize heating in a house with a greenhouse

When it comes to panoramic windows, the question of heating immediately arises. It is very relevant for glass houses in the half-timbered style and is solved through special warm double-glazed windows and the use of an insulated 5-chamber profile. Such continuous glazing will be quite expensive, but will not reduce heating costs. But "double" glazing, even with a thinner glass unit, will really help to reduce energy costs.

This refers to the area of the greenhouse or greenhouse that surrounds the facade of the house. Usually it is made unheated, but our engineers offer a different solution found in all-season greenhouses. The heating system of such a house combines the technology of "warm floors" and radiator heating. A distinctive feature is the organization of underfloor heating - the pipes are laid below ground level and are located in a cushion of heat-accumulating rubble.

Automatic pellet boilers with solar system - Firebox - Solid fuel pellet boilers, pellet burners, industrial

Heating of the circuit is provided by three technological solutions:

  • a ground heat accumulator that effectively retains heat;
  • a solar system installed on the roof;
  • automatic pellet boiler or a solid fuel boiler with pellet burner FOCUS.

The operating mode of this system depends on the season and air temperature. In the spring-winter period, the coolant is heated by the solar heliosystem and provides heating of the heat-accumulating soil, which plays the role of a “warm” plate. In winter, when the temperature drops, a solid fuel boiler with auto-ignition is connected in accordance with the temperature data of an analog sensor. The system operates autonomously and requires virtually no maintenance.

There are two requirements for such a system. This is the filling of the pellet container and the seasonal commissioning of the system. Contrary to opinion, climate control in such a solution does not significantly burden the construction budget.

Advantages of a greenhouse house: automatic pellet boilers and solar heating system

The greenhouse house project is a variant of a passive eco-house, designed in the image and likeness of an all-season vegetarian. Such an organization of space and heating of a private house has a number of advantages:

  • the double contour of glass walls and the organization of the cool zone of the greenhouse play the role of an air insulation. It allows you to prepare and clean the air for the ventilation system;
  • heating the heat-accumulating pillow under the house allows you to save the energy of the sun for several hours;
  • when the temperature drops, it connects to the system pellet or solid fuel boiler with pellet burner... Pellet equipment provides fully autonomous heating with climate control.

Such an organization of heating a private house will help to really minimize energy costs in the winter and organize a greenhouse for growing vegetables and fruits for the family. Automatic pellet boilers allow heating objects remote from the infrastructure no worse than a gas heat source.

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